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This portal launched in March 2020 has all the information regards to professional courses that one can pursue after 12th standard. The motto is “Enlighten and Evolve”, wherein we see you gain insightful information and evolve with it. It also provides list of colleges across Maharashtra offering these courses, their contact and website details. Upon filling out profile covering demographic and academic details a student can view specific courses he would be eligible for, list of colleges that offer those courses as well as eligibility prrofs he would need to provide at the time of admission.

A highlight of is the opportunity to talk to one of its admission counsellors. Through one of its many Aplexcenters spread across the state, we would like to ensure the information is accessible for students from remote areas as well. Admission counsellor can help discuss further about the information on the portal with the student as well as the accompanying parent. Studenthas to enroll with a one time registration fee on the site. There is no separate fee for visit with admission counsellor. If you are a parent, teacher, principal, owner of a coaching class we encourage you to let your child and students know about this site.

Know Thyself

We have launched a unique Personality Assessment Test called “Know Thyself”. It’s a self-assessment test that gives the assesse great insights into his/her personality, learning styles and working styles. This test can be taken by anyone who wants to learn more about self and doesn’t have time to answer long questionnaires. It takes around only a minute to take this test. But, the report is elaborate. This is very relevant for students as it tells them about their learning styles, their top compatible attributes that may make them more suitable for a particular profession compared to others. Thus, it helps them to consider possible career options.


Kalp has developed, a portal forAdmission Regulating Authority, Maharashtra for compiling information of all the students admitted to professional courses through entrance tests. Along with the empirical details the images of mark sheets and relevant certificates of these students are available on this portal. Besides designing, developing and launching the portal Kalp has also conducted physical verification of documents by visiting colleges all over Maharashtra. Currently, more than four lakh students’ information is stored on this portal. The portal caters to around four thousand users.

Transparent Online Admission Process

Kalp has developed a paperless online admission system for conducting online admission process. This completely transparent system is a boon for students, parents and concerned admission authorities as the images of documents uploaded on the portal are visible to all. Since govt. admission authorities have to reply to applications under RTI and face litigations, this system not only makes data easily available but, also an indicator of authenticity of the admission process. The major activities of admission process like application form filling, scrutiny of documents images, merit list generation, grievance handling, allocation and recording of admissions are managed online real time. Even the institutional admission round has been automated to a great extent.

Since 2013 Kalp has been conducting admission process for four agricultural universities of Maharashtra for their graduate, post graduate, doctoral and diploma courses. Kalp also manages telephonic support and assistance to applicants through its network in Maharashtra. For current academic year (2019-20) besides above courses Kalp is also conducting online admission process for graduate courses in Law (LLB5 year and LLB3 year). Since 2013 Kalp has processed around ten lakh of applications during admission process.

MIS for Safe Immunization

UNICEF had engaged Kalp to build a national level MIS for vaccination equipment. This project was developed for Immunization Division, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. Design, development and deployment of this project offered Kalp an opportunity to go pan India as Kalp conducted user training programmes at State level and Trainer’s training programme at National level. It was a great opportunity to be a part of something which was going to save children’s lives. This MIS was catering to users spread over more than six hundred districts across India. There was a hierarchy of users from planners and policy makes to UNICEF consultants to the end users who actually operated the system.