Testing Services

Mature testing brings client requirements and organization quality standards together to ensure that "right-product" is delivered. Kalp Technologies, as independent service provider, has experience in software testing varying from distributed applications to client-server applications. Our Services assure that there is a noticeable reduction in customer complaints and enhanced compliance to standards.

Types of Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

We are specialized in Functional Testing. Functional Testing is a black-box testing method that involves converting the Functional Requirements of the product into Functional Test Cases which will provide an objective way to assess the status of expected functionality. The test cases are then used to closely compare the Functional Requirements with its actual observed behavior, and then provide a detailed analysis of any discrepancies. To achieve this, the Functional Testing activity must follow proper planning and best practices in order to come up with suitable results. Our testing solutions range from manual to automation with usage of tools and techniques.

  • Testing performed based on V & V model.
  • Flexibility and customizing testing processes to align with customer´s development & release management.
  • Well-managed testing process capable of providing both manual as well as test automation services.
  • Test data management expertise.
  • Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking, automation and test management.

Various software metric analysis reports such as Injection of defect, defect aging are shared with the client to take corrective and preventive actions for reducing rework, defect prevention.

The Quality, Cost effectiveness and Reliability of our services has made us the Technology Arm of many Organizations.