Equipment Management System

Manufacturers, infrastructure builders, health care organizations may have establishments at multiple locations. Each of these establishments has equipments which are movable assets of the organizations. Performance of these equipments considerably influences efficiency and consequently profitability of organization. Consequently it is crucial to ensure that these equipments are up and running maximum time. Equipment management system provides for maintaining empirical information about equipments and their status.

Need for Equipment Management System

  • To get latest information about inventory.
  • To streamline repair mechanism.
  • To help ensure timely condemnation.


  • Easy system configuration.
  • Flexible definitions of users and departments.
  • Detailed coverage of repair information.
  • Streamlining of repair process.
  • Easier consolidation data of various types of equipments.
  • Warranty and AMC details.
  • Alert generation.
  • Performance indicator generation.
  • Depreciation calculations.

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