Biomedical Waste Management System

Biomedical waste is generated through processes and activities carried out in health care establishments and biosciences research laboratories. As a preventive measure for ensuring environment and health safety pollution control board has laid down rules for disposal of biomedical waste. Kalp Technologies has developed a solution to track the disposal activity from waste collection to waste disposal. BMW rules 1998 stipulate that each unit of waste collected is to be identified uniquely and tracked till its extinction. Kalp Technologies software solution has made this possible. If biomedical waste disposal is outsourced to a private agency the agency takes charges from the waste generators for collection and disposal of the waste. In this case the agency requires customer data, invoice generation and printing, reports of revenue generation, recovery lists and compliance reports as per pollution control boards directives. This software solution takes care of all these requirements.


  • Maintains details of waste generators.
  • Maintains details of collected waste.
  • Tracks units of waste from collection to disposal.
  • Generates invoices for waste generators.
  • Maintains accounts data.
  • Generates defaulters list (Non submission of waste and/or Nonpayment of bill).

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